Learning UML 2.0 par Russ Miles, Kim Hamilton

November 13, 2019

Learning UML 2.0 par Russ Miles, Kim Hamilton

Titre de livre: Learning UML 2.0

Auteur: Russ Miles, Kim Hamilton

ISBN: 0596009828

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Learning UML 2.0 Since its original introduction in 1997, the Unified Modeling Language has revolutionized software development. Whether you are looking to use UML as a blueprint language, a sketch tool or as a programming language, this book gives you the need to know information on how to apply UML to your project. Full description

From the Publisher
Engaging and accessible, this book shows you how to use UML to craft and communicate your project's design. Russ Miles and Kim Hamilton have written a pragmatic introduction to UML based on hard earned practice, not theory. Regardless of the software process or methodology you use, this book is the one source you need to get up and running with UML 2.0.

Russell Miles is a software engineer for General Dynamics UK where he works with Java and Distributed Systems, although his passion at the moment is Aspect Orientation and in particular AspectJ. To ensure that he has as little spare time as possible, Russ contributes to various open source projects while working on books for O'Reilly. He currently is studying at Oxford University in England for an MSc in Software Engineering.

Kim Hamilton is a senior software engineer at a major aerospace corporation, where she has designed and implemented a variety of systems, including web applications and distributed systems. Kim has a Master's in Applied Math and Computer Science from Cornell University.