Blood-curdling Box of Books (Horrible Histories Collections) par Terry Deary

September 17, 2019

Blood-curdling Box of Books (Horrible Histories Collections) par Terry Deary

Titre de livre: Blood-curdling Box of Books (Horrible Histories Collections)

Auteur: Terry Deary

ISBN: 1407177613

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Featuring some of the very best from Terry Deary's Horrible Histories series, and displayed in a great printed lift top storage box, this fantastic set is a must have for any child's book shelf. This Horrible Histories box set of fantastic children's books includes practically all of the series' favourites, including Rotten Romans, Vicious Vikings and Savage Stone Age and encourages children to really engage with historical subjects in a way that they will thoroughly enjoy. By picking out the fun parts of the subject, mainly the gory and revolting bits, this Horrible Histories set makes learning fun and exciting and a little less of a chore. As well as being invaluable for school history projects, this set is both educational and fun, with books that children will choose to read again and again. This collection includes: Savage Stone-AgeAwesome EgyptiansGroovy GreeksRotten RomansCult-Throat CeltsSmashing SaxonsVicious VikingsStormin NormansAngry AztecsIncredible IncasMeasly Middle AgesTerrible TudorsSlimy StuartsGorgeous GeorgiansVile VictoriansVillainous VictoriansBarmy British EmpireFrightful First World WarWoeful Second World WarBlitzed BritsThis paperback book set measures: 20 x 21 x 14cm.