Formidable Florists par Isabel Gilbert Palmer

September 22, 2019

Formidable Florists par Isabel Gilbert Palmer

Titre de livre: Formidable Florists

Auteur: Isabel Gilbert Palmer

ISBN: 9401425418

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Isabel Gilbert Palmer has been passionate about flowers for years. For this book she has travelled around the world to listen to the stories of the grandmasters of floral art. These artists create poetry with flowers. With a minimum of means taken from nature they are able to evoke, seduce and astonish. This book offers a look behind the scenes of the creation of their works, their sources of inspiration and the most special floral decorations, creating a new world; a world where craftsmanship and beauty go hand in hand.

From the Inside Flap
De 27 meest toonaangevende bloemisten ter wereld The great masters of floral art tell their stories in word and image. These artists, skilfully selected by Isabel Gilbert Palmer, create poetry with flowers. With minimum materials provided by nature, they generate amazement, fascination, and desire. This book offers a look into the birth of their lush creations, their inspiration sources, and the most incredible flower arrangements through which they create a new, unique world. A world where craftsmanship and beauty walk hand in hand. With: Makato Azuma, Japan Rudy Casati, Italy Shane Connolly, United Kingdom Zita Elze, United Kingdom Araik Galstyan, Russia Leopoldo Gomez, Mexico Bill J Harper, United States Bart Hassam, Australia Peter Hess, Switzerland Sakul Intakul, Thailand Sergey Karpunin, Russia Keita Kawasaki, Japan Pirjo Koppi, Finland Talmage McLaurin, United States Keiko Okada, Japan Emie Oliverio, France Jinny Park, South Korea Geert Pattyn, Belgium Tanus Saab, Brazil Florian Seyd & Ueli Signer, Netherlands Katherine Van Dierendonck, Belgium Jan Van Doesburg, Netherlands Annette Von Eimen, Denmark Moniek Vandenberghe, Belgium Joan Xapelli, Spain Julia Youngju Kim, South Korea Eddie Zaratsian, United States

Isabel Gilbert Palmer is a freelance journalist for magazines such as Garden Design (USA), Flower Magazine (USA), Fleur Creatif. In 2010 she established Flora & Company, organising workshops with international floral artists and designers.