The Getaway (Sam Archer Book 2) (English Edition) par Tom Barber

July 16, 2019

The Getaway (Sam Archer Book 2) (English Edition) par Tom Barber

Titre de livre: The Getaway (Sam Archer Book 2) (English Edition)

Auteur: Tom Barber

Date de sortie: January 16, 2014

Broché: 362 pages

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Praise for The Getaway:

‘Dynamite characters and edge of your seat story line’

‘As with Nine Lives, this is a sensational novel’

‘Well developed characters, excellent writing and a story with more twists than a corkscrew’

‘This is the second Tom Barber novel I’ve read and I’m still very impressed’

‘Excellent read, non-stop action end to end, just the way a book should be’

‘The Getaway is one of the best first books that I have read in a long time. The action is non-stop, the characters are realistic and the writing is taut and descriptive. I think that this author is someone that we'll be hearing a lot more of in the future’

‘I could not put this book down. Great story, kept me interested all the way through. Believable characters and a brilliant twist at the end’

New York City. Summer.

A series of violent and highly successful bank robberies have been carried out across the city, all by the same five-man team. Millions of dollars have been stolen. The thieves are slick, efficient, well-organised and vicious. The FBI are getting nowhere in tracking them down. With pressure from Washington mounting and the heists continuing, the Feds desperately search for any leads.

They need results and they need them fast.

Across the city, Sam Archer is in town for a funeral. At the service, he is approached by an old family friend who works out of the FBI’s New York Office. He’s leading the case against the thieves and has a proposition for Archer. He needs the English counter-terrorist cop to go undercover, and try to get inside their circle. Make contact and gain their trust. Find out the secrets of their success. Given his English accent and his cover story, it’s a solid plan. They’ll never connect him to the FBI. Nevertheless, Archer is ready to refuse, but his old acquaintance tells him something else, a shocking revelation that ties Archer to this case personally. It’s all the convincing he needs.

He agrees to the plan, and goes undercover.

As he establishes contact with the crew and gets deeper and deeper, Archer learns they’re planning to leave the city for good in just a matter of days, but only after performing two final spectacular heists. In a race against time Archer is forced to think on his feet or be killed as he gets caught up in the lethal crossfire between the thieves and law enforcement, none of whom know who he really is. As the clock ticks towards the thieves’ departure and as the stakes get higher and higher, Archer must both find a murderer and prevent two of the biggest heists in the history of New York City.

Before the thieves make their final getaway.