The Dragon Tree (English Edition) par Marsha Canham

February 21, 2019

The Dragon Tree (English Edition) par Marsha Canham

Titre de livre: The Dragon Tree (English Edition)

Auteur: Marsha Canham

Date de sortie: July 23, 2012

Broché: 262 pages

Éditeur: Marsha Canham

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Formerly released in print as My Forever Love, the ebook reissue has been extensively revised and edited for this author's edition.

Ciaran Tamberlane fought at the side of Richard the Lionheart until the day he lost his faith in both the church and the crown. Branded a traitor by his peers, excommunicated by the church and surrounded by dark rumors, he lives in self-imposed exile in the heart of the forest.

Amaranth's attempt to escape her husband's brutality finds her wounded and near death on Tamberlane's land. The former Templar Knight finds himself torn between his obligation to return her to her husband, and the powerful attraction he feels for a love he has never known.

Together they must defy their own destinies and race to save the life of a king.