Returning Home (Satan's Sinners MC Book 4) (English Edition) par Colbie Kay

August 20, 2019

Returning Home (Satan's Sinners MC Book 4) (English Edition) par Colbie Kay

Titre de livre: Returning Home (Satan's Sinners MC Book 4) (English Edition)

Auteur: Colbie Kay

Date de sortie: July 20, 2017

Broché: 324 pages

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At 25 years old I never thought I'd have to bury my husband.
But I did.
When I left the club behind I never thought I'd come back.
But here I am.
I've always done what was needed and this is no exception my cousin needs protection so I brought her where I know she will be safe.
The Satan's Sinners Motorcycle Club.
In all the years I've known these guys I've never seen them as anything except family.Until now - three years later.
I never thought I could fall for another man, let alone one of Ripper's brothers.
But I am.
How do I let go of my past to maybe have a future? I can't deny the chemistry between us, but do I really want to risk heartbreak again?

I watched her for years knowing I couldn't have her. It didn't matter to me that she was my brother's wife, I still wanted her. I never overstepped my boundaries or let it be known how I felt about her.
Until now - three years later.
We've both returned home. The lust is undeniable.
My club needs me once again and since I'm the Vice President how could I not do what is needed of me?
How can I put claim on what I want if I'm not even around? Am I always going to just be in the background to the only woman that could ever break me?

This book is intended for 18+ due to subject matter. It can be read as a standalone, but I recommend reading in order.
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